Jun 29, 2011

Fever Fever go away

I survived my baby's first fever. His lovely daddy decided to get himself sick and to share that sickness with our baby. It came on quick and felt like it was forever before it was over. Let me tell you a sick baby is not fun. He is already quite a fussy baby but then add on a fever and stuffy nose. I was worried that we would end up having to go to the hospital. His fever went up to 101 at one point and we decided to call the doctor. He told us just to give him baby Tylenol and keep an eye on it. His sleep was affected, he woke up almost every 30 mins or so. This lasted for two days. On the final day he took a long nap and felt more like himself when he awoke. His temp was down and I was relieved.

I think the worrying is the worst part about being a mom. I am constantly worried about his health and safety and it is so hard to keep that worry contained. How do you handle stressful situations like this?



Peace Love & Poop said...

Hope you feel better soon!

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