Aug 4, 2011

Looking for Sponsors

I am looking for sponsors for review and giveaways.I need sponsors for anytime and for the events listed below.  You can see my most recent giveaway here. I will send you my stats if interested.

Events that need sponsors

Rafflecopter Round Up: September 21 to 25th. Minimum Prize Value: $25

The Trick or Treat Halloween Hop: Oct 27th to Nov 2nd. Minimum prize/pack value of $25

12 Days of Gifts Galore Giveaway Hop: Nov 25th to Dec 6th. Minimum prize/pack value of $25



gustosa giveaways said...

thanks for visiting and following my blog.
following you back from Alexa Hop

Lesli said...

Hello from a new follower on the Blog Hop!

Thank you SO MUCH for stopping by Put A Little Umbrella In Your Drink! I hope you will come back soon!

Lesli :D

Dayna Musto said...

Hi there - glad I found you. I am a new follower - found your link on The Mommyhood Chronicles. I would love to sponsor one of your giveaways. I am an Avon rep and can put together a great giveaway for you. Just let me know.