Dec 12, 2011

MIA: Mastitis, a Cold and Sick Baby

These last couple of weeks, scratch that, the last month I have been MIA. It all started when I had a plugged duct. I thought this would be like any other time I had a plugged duct and that it would work its way out. One night while my husband was at work I started to feel sick and had a low grade fever. The next day I felt even worse and I noticed a red spot on my breast.
I did not want to go to the doctor unless my symptoms got even worse, so I began to self treat with some home remedies in hopes that it would get rid of this possible mastitis. After a couple of days of trying these remedies I felt better almost like myself again. I started to feel like I just had a plugged duct again.

Then the weekend came and we went to a birthday party where I immediately realized the birthday boy had a runny nose. Two days later my baby was coughing and sneezing more than usual. That night it hit him, runny nose and fever.  Two days after that I started to feel sick as well. He is now over the cold and I am on my way to feeling like myself again. Hopefully now I can bring you more reviews and giveaways!!!

Note: If you suspect mastitis you Should see a doctor.