May 13, 2011

The Omelette That Is Not An Omelette

This recipe came about when I decided to learn how to make an omelette. I read the directions and followed them but somehow this is the result. I'm not complaining because these have become my favorite eggs to eat. So fluffy and tasty.


Eggs ( the amount is up to you, for this time I used 5 eggs and half a container of egg whites.)

1/2 pepper unless you like more
1/2 onion
Dash of milk

First chop the pepper and onion.

Add the pepper and onion to a hot pan with a little oil. Cook a couple of minutes depending his crunchy you like your peppers.

Meanwhile, crack your eggs in a bowl and add a dash of milk. scramble the eggs then add to the pan with the pepper and onion.

Scramble constantly until the majority of the eggs are scrambled like the picture below.

Let sit and cook for a couple of minutes.

Then cut in fours and flip. When it's done right nothing should be on left on the pan ( I cannot always accomplish this so don't worry ).

Once flipped it should take only a minute or two to finish cooking.

Serve with toast and bacon for a nice breakfast or dinner in my case.


JamericanSpice said...

That looks like a complete meal.
I like.

I'm your new follower.

Nice to meet you!

Enjoy your weekend.